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The Dewan Rakyat has passed the Housewives’ Social Security Bill 2022 after its second reading today. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 25, 2022.

THE Dewan Rakyat today passed the Housewives’ Social Security Bill 2022 which is hoped to be able to guarantee the social well-being of housewives, families and communities through the establishment of the Housewife Social Security Scheme (SKSSR).

Human Resources Deputy Minister Awang Hashim, when tabling the bill which contained 11 parts, 97 clauses and eight schedules for the second reading today, said the implementation of SKSSR by the Social Security Organisation (Socso) was an extension of the social safety net to community groups that were not protected.

“They are also exposed to the risks of accident, illness, disability, domestic problems or rising cost of living without financial and welfare support.

“This group also needs to be given proper protection because they are the backbone of the family and community,” he said.


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Meanwhile, Awang said the bill only applies to housewives below the age of 55 and does not apply to those who have reached the age of 54 and have never contributed to SKSSR.

Responding to the proposal by several MPs including Ahmad Maslan (Pontian-BN) and Mahfuz Omar (Pokok Sena-PH) for the age of eligibility for the SKSSR coverage be raised to 60 years, Awang said the age limit was set to ensure there was coordination with the i-Suri programme that is part of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

“The ministry also takes into account that housewives who have made contributions to EPF can withdraw their savings when they reach 55,” he said when winding up the debate on the bill.

In addition, he said the government had allocated RM20 million to provide protection for the first year of contribution through the scheme to hardcore poor housewives based on the list obtained from the i-Suri scheme.

Awang said that if the husband had registered for the SKSSR, he is required to make the contribution before the protection period ends to ensure continuity of protection.

The bill states that housewives who contribute to the scheme are entitled to disability benefits, medical coverage, permanent disablement benefit, constant attendance allowance, survivor’s pension and funeral benefit. – Bernama, July 25, 2022.